SERVICES (During the vacancy)

Sunday 2nd December

Advent Sunday

10.30 a.m. Solemn Parish Mass & Sermon

Weekday Services

Tuesday 4th  December, 7 p.m. The Holy Rosary

Thursday,  6th December, 11 a.m. Low Mass & Holy Communion   

Confessions by appointment


Thursday 6th December - 9.15 a.m. - Tiny Tots

Friday 7th December, 1 p.m. Bingo & refreshments

For your prayers: The Sick: Terry Houligan, Rachel Rimmer, Sharan Phillips, Marjorie Longbottom, Betty Halsall, Angela Minshull, Josie Greenwood, Michael & Thomas, Ray Bridson (priest), Alison Flint, Gerald Gregory, Jean Overton, Joseph Murphy & Glen.

The Departed: Jane Greengrass