We are on the corner of Hawkshead Street & S. Luke's Road, Southport, PR9 9AJ -  Why not take a look!

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Welcome to the website of Saint Luke’s Church, Southport. We are one of the many churches which serve the people of Southport and we are part of the Church of England, in the diocese of Liverpool. We look to the Bishop of Beverley for sacramental and pastoral care.
Saint Luke’s is a parish church were we celebrate the mass daily and proclaim the gospel, the sacraments of the church are celebrated here and such sacraments as baptism and weddings are readily available as well as funeral rites and other needs are catered for when people need the church.
The high point of our week is of course the parish mass on a Sunday which we celebrate at 11.30 a.m. Here we gather to hear the word of God proclaimed in Holy Scripture and then we look forward to being nourished by Holy Communion. At the same time as the parish mass we have a Sunday school for children of all ages which meet and join in the worship halfway through. This is a wonderful opportunity for the young to learn about Jesus and the bible and then be part also of the worshipping community.
Saint Luke’s celebrates the mass in a reverent and spirit filled way, hoping that all who enter God’s house may feel that in some way they may experience a heavenly encounter. The doors at Saint Luke’s are open to everybody and we hope that if you visit the church you will feel welcome. If you are interested in becoming a disciple of Jesus then this is the place to come to, and the priest and people will be only too happy to help you on your journey of faith, whether you come to just have a look or to say a prayer or want to know more about the Christian faith, then you are very welcome to do so, as we are all journeying towards God’s kingdom. We hope that we can help you in whatever way you need.

You are always welcome at S, Luke's

Situated in Southport, one of the leading holiday resorts in the North West of England, S, Luke's is plain, yet withal beautiful, in its calm severity. The church is like "the King's daughter" mentioned in the Psalms "all glorious within." No one could be flippant beneath its calm roof; it stands alone among the churches of Southport for reverent, impressive solemnity. This type of architecture is eminently suitable for a high ritualistic service. The windows of the aisles and clerestory are pleasantly grouped, and a good effect has thus been obtained by simple means. Internally - There is richness in the chancel, culminating in the stately reredos of 1897, by Harry Hems, of Exeter, with its central subject a lovely painting of the Crucifixion of Our Lord executed by Herr Kehren, of Dusseldorf.